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In JanuaryI was overlooked for a much-deserved promotion, though I was given a hefty salary hike.

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In the case of stocks, I compulsorily look at charts and employ an options strategy depending on what the charts tell me. However, as is the ways of the market, it takes away money just as easily. But now I wanted to be better equipped before I approached the intraday forex charts again.

A credit spread involves selling a near-the-money option and buying an out-of-the-money option. There were times I was making money, but a loss would take away the profit of trades. By this time the markets were in the doldrums and jobs in the broking industry were not sought after.

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But at the end of it, there were important lessons to learn. With so many strategies at play does the market still surprise you? I started studying technical analysis.

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At that time, the markets were steadily rising. If a trade how to make money bitcoin futures against them, then the focus shifts from earning a profit to protecting capital, but that was not options strategies adjustments initial premise for entering the trade.

After I gained confidence, I started ramping up my trading size aggressively.

How could this sort of erratic behavior be managed in order to optimize an investment strategy?

So, from a non-directional position, I have now moved to a directional trade. If an indicator shows that the market is oversold, it does not mean that the market will rebound from this area, the market can go down further.

You end up spending property management work from home jobs lot of emotional energy to protect your capital. I prefer to get out of the trade and think clearly. Later I joined a start-up founded by a South African investor who wanted to set-up a financial services company in India.

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I too was not keen on taking a marketing job anymore. I am a person who is more part time work from home data analysis with being exposed to the market for the short term, so technical analysis and trading was my comfort zone. I do not take decisions looking at Option Greeks. I always have a occupational health nurse work from home how to make money bitcoin futures respect to the stop-loss.

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How did you convert to an option seller then? Edited excerpts Q: Traders generally get emotionally attached to their trade. I did not want to lose my capital. Though we were taught fundamental analysis during our MBA, I took to technical analysis more easily.

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I initiate trades with a risk-reward anywhere between 1: I am nibble in my position till around options strategy moneycontrol pm huge hearts work from home then I aggressively start to build my position.

At that time, my brother was looking after the business, so he asked me to sit with this person and learn the tricks of the trade. October has been a learning experience since I began selling options. The trade has now changed your priorities.